The combination of craftsmanship and manufacturing efficiency

The Lécuiller Company is located at Tonnay Boutonne in France, close to La Rochelle and Bordeaux, in a valley where poplar trees line the banks of our river La Boutonne which quietly flows…

Today’s contemporary design has the company’s heritage at its disposal

The company’s most important asset is its employees: over twenty years of great experience and know-how, understanding the taste of the customer and the requirement for perfection. They are registered in the history of yesterday and already in tomorrow.

Another important asset of the company is the moulds: a single stock of nearly five hundred different models, continually added to by our ability to create on demand prototypes of the most innovative and individual designs through the use of the up-to-date software RHINO, which is widely used in the design sector.


Finally, there are the machines: three digitally controlled cutting machines, including two five-axes devices , 25 different presses, and, in particular, two very large production models which are unique in the marketplace capable of manufacturing moulded wood pieces of 2.5m or 3.5m long, in order to fulfil the requirements of the most ambitious layouts.


From multiple orders to « one off » pieces

Today, our team of 30 craftsmen produce furniture, upholstery and luxury design objects in a medium series ( from 50-5000 pieces). These are made in the traditional way where the eye and hand of the craftsman works in harmony with the machine.

In the field of traditional or unique design, combined with advanced technology of digitally controlled machines , it still requires the human intervention to meet the highest standards, from selecting wood sheets to doing the final sanding and passing through control checks.
A chain combining handicraft and industrial responsiveness that allows the company to commit to the highest quality in compliance with the shortest times delivery.

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