A virtuous chain, a sustainable economy

We know what we can do and will never answer on things we know we cannot do. This very old principle of doing business comes from the knowledge, experience and know-how of all company members; it determines the operator’s action as well as the engineer’s study. Beyond the company’s reliability, it is the strength of our proposal.

From raw material to the end product: high quality is imperative

Lécuiller pays particular attention to the sourcing of its raw materials sourcing. They only source from PEFC labelled forests. This is the Sustainability mark assigned to French forests.

The high quality imperative for compliance with environmental standards is primarily supported by the careful selection of raw materials. Only labelled PEFC, Lécuiller pays particular attention to their origin. Whether it is for the manufacture of structural materials, luxury items or for seating series, woods are systematically sourced from French sustainably managed forests. The adhesives also meet the most stringent standards, produced by the top 5 of the global manufacturers, which guarantee total safety to end users, workers, as well as to the local environment and the inhabitants of Tonnay –Boutonne.


The drive for the highest quality is evident at the factory finishing workshop where eleven artisans are busy with the quality controls, manual and machine paper-sanding and complementary cut outs and holes into digitally controlled machines before final inspection. Varnishing and painting are supported by neighbouring companies which are carefully selected and deliver outstanding workmanship.


Going further, is to imagine together, to enable and support the evolution of a concept in search of solutions by transforming constraints and imperatives in sources of creativity.

Going further, is also to come on site : to visit the factory , to discover the art of moulded wood , actual achievements and the multiplicity of possibilities, to better understand the steps and the manufacturing process, to see , to touch, to smell and to dream about the beauty of materials, lines and shapes and to think together . To experience, to exchange, in order to better design together.

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