A cost effective business model

From raw material to completion of end products, the virtuous chain is also that of a sustainable economy : the superiority of moulded wood pieces remains in the global cost, considered at each stage of the manufacturing process, in accordance with the quality and deadlines.

Compared to solid wood, a raw material savings ranging from 30 % to 60 % depending on the curves and shapes is achievable. It also gives you the assurance of cheaper and faster technical solutions which are specific to moulded wood. Studies and prototypes can be made on site from simple plans and for less cost. A saving of manufacturing steps as well as of key material can also be achieved. An inventory of half shells and rounded corners profiles, available in six different radius and two thicknesses are deliverable within 48 hours.


We control the use of digitally controlled machines for tooling, from the simplest hole to the insertion of the more sophisticated cutting. We manage the finishing touches and the related logistics in the best workshops for varnishing and painting. We carry out a simplified and rapid assembly thanks to large parts in one piece which is unattainable with raw solid wood.
We produce a finished product, ready to install, made in a timely manner, allowing fitting companies and on-site installers to save time and labour in order to increase their productivity and guaranteeing simplified on-site work and better working conditions.


Upstream or downstream, a major gain in terms of time, feedstock, labour, management … and comfort.

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