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The Lécuiller Company is known for its collaboration with the world’s most famous architects such as Jean Nouvel, Carlos Ott, Bernard Kohn and Richard Rogers. When they need moulded plywood for roofs, walls or furniture on big or mid size works, they come to Lécuiller.

Dream about curves; sensuality and purity of lines, roundness and fullness of volumes, softness and delicacy of contours, elegance of profiles, amazing intensity of arches and curves, infinite variety of looks and tinges.

Moulded Plywood : a high-quality and elegant product

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Our team of craftsmen produce furniture, upholstery and luxury design objects in small to medium series ( from 50-5,000 pieces). These are made in the traditional way where the eye and hand of the craftsman works in harmony with the machine.

The combination of craftsmanship and manufacturing efficiency

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The Lécuiller Company is located at Tonnay Boutonne in France, close to La Rochelle and Bordeaux, in a valley where poplar trees line the banks of our river La Boutonne which quietly flows…

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